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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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energy and enthusiasm. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: what's up, how are you doing? going to a show? let's have some fun. let's go to the "the young turks." the press conference about the fiscal cliff. the so-called fiscal cliff. he got this question. >> respectfully sir why should the american people and the republicans believe you won't cave again this time. >> cenk: i love that. we'll give you his answer in just a little bit. and more sex more generals, more problems. >> despite all of her lavish entertaining court documents that jill kelley and her husband has been sued at least nine times and face foreclosure on their home. >> cenk: you know what i'm going to do? i'm going to defend the general. what's going on "the young turks"? you'll have to find out. finally this jerk wants to stiff
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his workers. >> $10 at papa johns. where are you going to find a million pieces. >> what are we going to do to kick off this season. >> same as last season. $1 million free of papa john. >> cenk: no, not payton manning although a big fan, it's papa john's guy. wait until you see his house. i'm going to go ballistic on that. do you know what time it is? it's go time! [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: so everybody is talking about the so-called fiscal cliff. oh, my god we're going to fall off the cliff, everybody hurry up. make sure the budget is balanced. i thought you all wanted a balanced budget. when we raise taxes if we do nothing, then in 2013 and then
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we cut spending what would happen? we would have a balanced budget. no don't do that, don't do that. president obama is giving a press conference about this so-called fiscal cliff and the grand bargain, etc. as he's doing that and giving a you will these different statements there is good news. he told folks in a meeting of progressives yesterday. i am not going to bubble. i said in 2010 that i'm going to do this once, and i meant it. that's in regards to the bush tax cuts that continue that he continued in 2010. >> respectfully sir why should the american people and the republicans believe that you won't cave in again this time. >> obama: well, two years ago the economy was in a different situation. what i said at the time is what i meant, which is this was an one-time proposition. >> cenk: so there you go, the bush tax cuts for the rich are going away, no question.
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yeah here comes the bad news. later in that answer he did have a lot of caveat. let's watch that. >> obama: i think we can simplify our tax system, make it more efficient eliminate loopholes and deductions that have a distorting affect on our economy. i believe that we have to continue to take a serious look at how we reform our entitlements. >> cenk: all right, two huge problems. once they start talking about loopholes and deductions, that means maybe the rates stay where we are we take away some loopholes and deductions yeah, that's what we do. that's the ticket. the second part? indictmententimes, i'm coming for you. they asked jay carney, hey this $250,000, people making above that they're going to have the tax increase right right? aah, maybe maybe not.
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>> how open is he to the notion that has been put forward by tim kaine that maybe you make the limit $500,000 or chuck schumer $1 million. >> i think i've given you pretty good parameters on the president's thinking going into the process that he himself said begins the proposal. but he not gone into the detail. >> cenk: that's awesome. maybe it's people making above $250,000 maybe $500,000, maybe $1 million? here comes the obama negotiation. i can see that disaster from a mile away. now his top ally in wall street, a guy named robert wolfe he used to work with swiss bank. he gave an interview quote, i would say that during the campaign season there is always a lot of rhetoric back and forth. the campaign is over. the country has spoken, and the president has won. wall street and the president
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align on many things. in other words, of course to get your vote we told you we're not going to cut entitlements and now that the election is over, believe me, the president and wall street align. what about capital gains. that might go back up. that would be a good thing. don't get excited. if they do nothing it goes back up to 39.6% than former income tax for the top bracket. no. the private sector probably has an awareness that the capital gains rate will likely go back to somewhere around the low 20, maybe 20%, maybe 22% in that range i don't think a lot of people have a significant problem being in the low 20s. really they don't? are you not merciful. of course you would have a problem with that. that's an incredibly low rate. that's the compromise we're going to get?
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disaster. now what about social security. remember when jim lehrer asked about this during the debates. >> do you see a major difference between the two of you on social security. >> i suspect on social security we have somewhat similar position. >> cenk: why! why do you have a similar position? his position is to cut social security. and then i red that they may cut the cost of living adjustment, raise eligibility from 65 to 67. there are compromises galore. before i tell you how i would handle it, and i'll keep it real with you. it's not just bluster, it's reality. today's press conference, this is all the times president obama said he would agree with corporations, he would agree with the republicans, he would compromise here, watch for yourself. >> today i'm meeting with ceos and some of america's largest companies to make these decisions in a balanced and
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responsible way. i'm open to compromise, and i'm open to new ideas. i want to hear ideas from everybody. so i recognize that we're going to have to compromise. i want to emphasize, i am open to new ideas democrats and republicans, we're both going to hold hands and that's precisely what i intend to do. i don't expect the republicans to adopt my budget. that's not realistic. i'm not going to slam the door in their face. there is no doubt that i can always do better. i don't exempt myself from needing to do some self reflection and see if i can improve our working relationship. semi got >> cenk: i got it, i got it, igot it. you can't wait to work with them. no that's now how you negotiate. if i were president obama, it's not that i wouldn't negotiate. i'm a reasonable person. but for people who are making
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above $250,000 we just had an election about this. this is not on the table. this is not a discussion. your taxes are going back up to 39.6%. where they were under clinton where our economy was booming when we created all those jobs. end of discussion. oh, you don't agree with me? okay, i get it. the republicans are in the room. all right, you know what, let's not do anything then. you know what happens? they go back up to 39.6% on january 1, 2013. i can wait six weeks. can you wait six weeks? they go back up. then in january 2 you introduce a bill and you want to vote against it? have at it hoss. they're voting against it, can
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you believe it? those taxes are going up for the rich, and if you don't like it, i'll see your ass in 2014. i would say the words 2014 approximately 89 times during that meeting. you don't like it, let's do this election again. i just kicked your ass. you think i can't do it in 2014? they will buckle, they will buckle. it's a guarantee. now it's not to say you can't have compromise. what is on the table? well, i would put capital gains dividend income and carried interest. they're all incredibly low. capital gains i should correct myself from earlier in the segment. it is slated to go to 20%. it could easily go up to 39.6. i have got all the leverage in the world. go ahead boehner yap yap yap, yap. six weeks from now i win on almost every issue if i do nothing.
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they're going to buckle. i won't say that i won't negotiate. those things are on the table. the incomes tax is not on the table. also on the table. estate tax. it's slated to go up to 39%. it's at 35%. then you have carried interest and corporation taxes. why in the world are we talking about cutting corporate taxes. i'll go in the option opposite direction. i'll take away loopholes. we're not going to give you what you want. i won you lost. how about spending cuts to tax increases. president obama keeps saying i want to do $3 of spending cut for every $1 in tax increases. that was before the election. if i'm president obama i say here is the new formula. now we're going to do $1 in spending cuts for every $3 in tax increases.
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you know why? i won. you lost. if you like we can do it again in 2014. would i settle for 2-for-20? i would settle for that. but i wouldn't go 3-to-1 against me. who would do that numbers that, unless you want to move. 3-to-1 against yourself is not a balanced approach. finally, look, here's what else is off the table. so your so-called indictment, social security, medicare, medicaid. we just had an election about this. i would play this ronald reagan clip on social security. >> social security has nothing to do with the deficit. social security is totally funded by the payroll tax levyied on employer and employee. >> cenk: social security off the table, not having that conversation. medicare, well there was this guy who was running for vice president who had some ideas. let's find out how that turned
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out for him. >> option accounts for social security. [ buzzer ] >> cenk: wrong again bob. well he also had ideas on medicaid. >> what we're trying to do is cut medicaid food stamp reforms, education reforms for job training. couple these things by sending them back to the states in bloc grants. [ buzzer ] >> cenk: wrong again bob. you just ran an election on that and got your ass handed to you. i won. you lost. if you like we can do this again in 2014. 2014, 2014. they will bend if you have someone strong who actually cared to win. i'm keeping it real. when we come back, speaking of real we'll go to the real housewives of the c.i.a. >> cause i'm honoring council so i have involume ability they
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should not be able to go on the property. i don't know if you want diplomatic protection as well. >> cenk: that story is hilarious. when we come back the we'll talk about the war on drugs. the american people massively behind us partly because of ads like this in colorado. >> we're not looking to change the way people behave on the campaign trail. we just believe adults in the privacy of their homes should be allowed to use you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, president obama was also asked about general petraeus and all the different scandals involved with him and general john allen the c.i.a. and the military. during his press conference today here was his quick answer. >> obama: i have no evidence at this point. from what i've seen classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a
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negative impact on our national security. >> cenk: in this case let's move on. i think the investigation into these generals is now getting to the absurd. to be fair i thought it was absurd from the first place. why are we digging into these people's e-mails because a couple of women sent e-mails to each other because they weren't happy with how much they were flirting with the general. this is insanity. i'm no feign of the general for policy reasons but why are we looking into their lives. paula broadwell, the one who had an affair with general petraeus, this is what is happening to her her. >> "abc news" has learned that paula broadwell who had the afireaffair with petraeus may have store documents in violation of federal law. broad well has admitted that she took the documents from
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government secure buildings. the fbi has asked for all documents back. when the agents ascended on her home it was a pre-arranged meeting. and it was complicated by the fact that she was authorized to see the documents because she was an intelligence officer in the reserves. >> cenk: now we turn to jill kelley, who is accused of being overly flirtatious that's is a crime these days? we do investigation on this? >> kelley lives near mcneil air force base where friends say she ingratiated herself with the brass through parties and favors. court documents re revealed that jill kelley and her husband have been sued at least nine times and face foreclosure on her home.
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>> cenk: man, rich people are fascinating. throw big parties all the generals come. charge it to someone and they sue you later. why are we in her life? is it the sex drama, all right let's have it, hoss. we have more details on it and let's bring in kim delaney. ken, thanks for joining us. first, do you have an update on the shirtless shirtless fbi agent--this is absurd--that started the investigation in the first place. >> there are new details. cenk, thanks for having me, by the way. his name is frederick humphreys who is involved in an incident where he shot a man in a justified shooting in tampa and apparently he had reported or he was involved in getting the thing started but was then not
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assigned to the investigation and was concerned that it was not moving along. so he contacted republican members of congress. >> cenk: it's interesting. i feel like anybody we actually look into their lives a little bit, we do an investigation of, they're in a lot of trouble because every single one of them has done something terribly wrong. then we turn to the two women are they accused of a serious crime here? could there be real repercussions? >> it's different in each case. paula broadwell the woman who had the affair with petraeus, seems to be on the hook for having classified information at her house. the felt said today they have suspended her security clearance because she's an army officer with top clearance. she's talking to commanders, i sort of question what exactly is this material and how sensitive is it, especially since the president said today there has been no real threat to national security out of this. and jill kelley, it's hard to understand other than, you know, being called the tampa
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kardashian and having financial problems, it's hard to understand what she's accused of doing wrong. >> cenk: has she also been banned from the bases? >> yes, she was banned from the base without an he is supreme court. >> cenk: isn't that the problem in the first place? she had too many escorts. >> it's amazing that these people who are learning learning a lot of negative things about were close to a lot of generals in the military. >> cenk: that's taking embedding to a new level. general john allen again the policies, what he has done in afghanistan, i've got a lot of issues with, but i hope to god they don't release his e-mails. if he has done nothings wrong there is no reason to release his e-mails. >> that's true. there had to be something there for them to make such a big deal and refer to a big
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investigation. but people close to him are being very insistent that this is all being misinterpreted. there is no affair, there is not really even any inappropriate commentary. it's a mystery why they would say that given that they know there is bad stuff coming out in a couple of days. that remains to be seen. >> cenk: it looks like, ken that the president and leon panetta, secretary of defense today are backing general john allen, that gives you an indication that he's going to be okay right? >> i think so. i mean, this thing is so weird i'm reserving adjustment, but it sure looks like that. >> cenk: i want to come back to jill kelley for a second. referred to as one of the kardashians of tampa. it goes to the issue of privilege. this is what happened when the
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press--she'll get paparazzi soon enough but the press at her door step. let's see c 10. >> the license plate on kelley's mercedes ben shows that she's an honor council for south korea. and she told dispatcher that she needed protection from the media because that have. >> because i'm honor council general oh so i have invite, they should not be able to cross the property. >> cenk: so, ken if i throw lavish parties for generals can i be a consul from south korea or whatever she was? >> with a special license plate perhaps. she has that honorary distinction, that's true, but it doesn't give her any privileges in terms of her house. it's so remarkable that this brilliant scholar david sirota was socializing with these people with his wife, and they were considered close friends according to people close to them. >> cenk: that part i don't find
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remarkable. money solves a lot of problems. if you throw a fancy party you get to socialize with whoever you want. that's how this country works. thanks ken. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: john allen i got problems with, but don't release his e-mails if they're just embarrassing. if there is no crime stop getting into people's private life. the surveillance data is a real problem. when we come back we're going to have pot for you. wouldn't that be awesome? we'll have pot for you. the issue of war on drugs and how the american people have overwhelmingly come to our side. >> we know there is going to be another state in two years. there could be another state in four years. it could be rhode island, vermont, maine massachusetts. >> cenk: and elbow of the day. it lands on a head that it belongs on, but it's ridiculous that we had to throw it in the
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when we think of hunger we often picture people in the third world. >> many americans don't realize that the problem exists right here in our own country. >> it's an issue that ultimately effects each and every one of us. >> thats why current is stepping up. >> ... by feeding the needy. >>... feeding the needy. >>... feeding the needy. >>... feeding the needy. >>... feeding the needy. >> for an entire week we'll explore hunger, malnutrition even obesity. >> ... and offer solutions. >> so join us here at current tv where together, we'll feed the needy. >> brought to you by basf the chemical company.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: you know what, when i give speeches in public places sometimes when i talk about the war on drugs i'll do this cute little trick to the audience. anyone who thinks we're winning on the war on drugs raise your hand. so far no one has raised their hands. i must not have asked enough people because the rasmussen, a polling organization, turns out there are some who believe we're
10:28 pm
winning the war on drugs. 7%. 82% say we're losing. and 12% aren't sure. i got news for you, the 82% is right. we're losing. the drug rates have not gone down. nothing has gone down. all we've done is spend a tremendous amount of money. there are some politician who is agree with this. ron paul and barney frank have written a letter to the president saying the ballot initiatives that passed in colorado legalizing pot you should respect them. dear president we urge you to respect the wishes of the voters of colorado and washington and refrain from federal prosecution of the inhabit ants of that state who will be following their states law with regard to the use of marijuana. that makes a ton of sense and if you agree with states right you would certainly adhere to that. but in essence they're saying leave colorado and washington alone. i think we have them on tape saying it. >> leave--alone! >> cenk: there is some chance
10:29 pm
that wasn't them. bringing in ana kasparian michael shure, jayar jackson here to talk about this. guys before we get into the conversation, oh how how much does it cost us every year? $20 billion to $25 billion on this nonsense that no one thinks it's working. that does not include the cost of incarceration and prosecution, which is gigantic and dwarfs that number. first why are we still doing this if everybody thinks it's not working? don't we live in a no sir. >> beaus people are making money off keeping it legal. prisons make a ton of money. probation officers make a ton of money. they lobby to the white house congress to keep sure we keep harmless drugs like marijuana, and in the meantime people are locked away for this non-violence offense and their lives are ruined. they're behind bars and that's
10:30 pm
where they learn to be hardened criminals. it really goes back to the issue of money and politics. >> cenk: and local cops make a ton of money. if they seize the material, whatever the car the guy is in, etc. then they get the money for that. >> the only way to continue this business is this gravy train of money is to continue this perception which is why i like this letter that they sent to president obama. let's check out your hypothesis on this. their perception, they need to have the street criminal that has and sales these drugs this marijuana, this stuff. i mean, before is the mentality of someone who has beer a gangster who is killing people in the dark room with a secret pass room? not any more. it's more that a guy is going to find a girl to hook up with. drink your beer, we're going to hook up tonight.
10:31 pm
>> cenk: that's funny. they did that in colorado. they ran an ad with alcohol and marijuana and suggestions of hooking up. >> we're not looking to end the beer summits at the white house or change the way people behave on the campaign trail. we just believe adults in the privacy of their homes should be allowed to use marijuana instead of alcohol if that's what they prefer. >> cenk: that couple looks so cozy. i want to drink eggnog with them. let me give a poll. this is interesting. c 12 w wt isororangerous whwh t ty ask americans? 51% say alcohol. only 24% say pot and 24% say possibly high and not sure or possibly drunk and not sure. but that's an amazing number. when i look at that, michael, i think, ticktock, we're going to win. >> well, yeah, you guys are going to win. >> you're not for legalization.
10:32 pm
>> i'm not horror legalization. i think ana is right and i think you are to. i don't think the war on drugs is to walk into legalization. i'm dispassionate about this. it's clear which way it's going. it's an inevitability in america that it will be legalized. that's fine. i won't protest to it. but people talk about portugal. sweden has the most stringent laws against drugs. it's been beautiful because they have one fifth the drug problems. i don't care about those arguments. >> cenk: why don't you-- >> they are case studies. i think this poll is why. the fact that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana i believe this, but we don't need another alcohol. yeah i agree-- >> cenk: would you ban alcohol. >> i'm not going to go back and ban alcohol but we learned that alcohol may have been a bad idea. look what it's done and what
10:33 pm
it's cost. >> cenk: it was a worse idea during the prohibition. >> when you talk about who is going to make the money you're right. what is going to happen when there is legalization? the cigarette companies will make all the money. the big box retailers will make the money. that's not set in stone. >> what about the negative effects that it did bring. i understand that you're dispassionate but there are some negative things. >> i think there are negative things, but the solution to me is not going the other extreme. >> cenk: i don't think it's the other extreme. >> if you look at the war on drugs is extreme. and then going to the other side of the spectrum. >> cenk: what is the middle ground don't inhale. >> yes i agree two white adults in front of a fireplace should be able to sit home and smoke pot if they want to.
10:34 pm
>> cenk: what about two black adults. >> i'm making fun of the ad. it's not about adults all the time. >> cenk: last word goes to ana. >> i want to talk about the prevalence of bath salts quickly. the fact that we're keeping these drugs illegal is causing people who want to do drugs to go and look for the next legal thing that's synthetic and very dangerous. so that's why you see the prevalence of bath salts and all these synthetic drugs. i would much rather regulate drugs as opposed to prohibition and having people buy on the back market. >> cenk: ana wins. forward. when we come back we'll talk about gun sales going up in the country, and there's a lot to tell you about. of course it's related to president obama. >> obama has been a very very good gun seller. he could be the gun seller of the year all over the united states.
10:35 pm
>> cenk: from dragon arms, he has been selling a lot of guns. i'm not going to disagree with this. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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>> cenk: now, the nra has been demagoguing on this gun control issue for a lock time. oh i the the democrats are back in charge. this is what was said before the election. >> it's all part of a massive obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intention to destroy the second amendment. >> i think you'll see a siege on the second amendment like we've never seen before. >> if president obama gets one more time it will break the back of the second amendment in this country. >> cenk: what was the real objective? he represents the gun industry. what happened? mission accomplished. last month background checks, an indication of how many guns are being bought this month went up 18.4%. nicely done.
10:40 pm
you scared all the folks out there thinking, oh my god, i have to get a gun. there is more. they are not just selling a lot of guns. they're selling a lot of bullets. in fact, too many. look at this report. let me show you the gun industry stock. this is mission accomplished. smith and wesson, nicely done, nra, and they're also running out of bullets. >> wednesday mourn when i come to work a lot of people were looking at guns. >> he has been in the gun selling industry for over 30 years. after president obama was elected in 2008 he said ammunition was the hot item. >> i mean, you couldn't find ammunition nowhere. >> four years later history is being repeated. >> ammunition is coming off the
10:41 pm
shelf. think say walmart is the same way. obama has been a very very good seller. he could be the gun seller of the year all over the united states. >> cenk: if that weren't so sad that would be funny. let's talk to medical bernstein he lives in colorado springs and he sales arms. what about gun sales. are they going through the roof? >> we're selling 24 to 28 guns a day. and normally we sell only 6 to 8 guns a day. the hot seller, and these sell for $650. to buy an extended magazine, 40 rounds, 30 rounds, 20 rounds they're buying ammunition. they're buying ak 47 with 70-round clips. they're buying everything on the
10:42 pm
wall. thank you, president obama. >> cenk: it looks insane to me. we were talking about prohibition, one looks like they were in the gangsters using back in prohibition days. what are they going to use with these things? are they shooting deer? >> they're buying it for investment and collection. they're a lot of fun to shoot. guys in vietnam when they came back, they wanted to have an ak-47. just to hang on the wall as a souvenir. they're buying it for reasons like that, investment, and collection. >> cenk: investment. now look, mel, do these guys, and you, i don't know what your feelings are about it, i'm curious about that, too. do they really believe that obama is going to outlaw these things? i mean, he has not said word one about that. >> okay, well look at what president clinton did 15 years ago. he signed the sunshine bill, and that stopped all the assault rifles in the united states for ten years. these were gone for ten years
10:43 pm
unless i want to sell walmart guns. >> cenk: thank god. you want to sell these things. you're in favor of assault rifles being legal. there is no legitimate use for this. if you're a hunter, do you use this stuff? what the hell do you use this for? again explain it to me because i don't own guns. what in the world would you shoot with these things. investment? go get some stocks. >> yeah, well, if these guns are outlawed the price doubles and we can't get any more. but the people who buy them will be grandfathered. they'll be able to keep them and sell them to other people. but the dealers won't be able to get them any more. people don't go hunting with these, but they're fun. i have five rifle ranges out here. if it's daytime i would go out and show you how much fun it is to shoot these. it's a lot of fun. >> cenk: i've done it. i've gone to a gun range and i've shot an automatic gun and yes, i get the thrill of it.
10:44 pm
etc. but what is not fun is when people use them the wrong ways, which happens almost on a weekly basis in america. are you comfortable with your community having all of this--swimming in all these guns? >> well, in colorado everything is legal with the right paperwork. 20 miles from me we have fort carson and all the soldiers when they come back from iraq and afghanistan, would love to have an m-4 for a souvenir because they carried these around for two or three years. for reasons like that. but you know, out of all the thousands of guns and thousands of people that own these guns, look how many very little problems we have compared to autoibles killing people. >> cenk: wait, wait, here's what i say about it--wait, wait, wait. okay. what i say about it, you're in colorado. in all seriousness aurora, colorado columbine you're in colorado! that's what the problem is. unfortunately, we're out of time man. i appreciate you coming on and
10:45 pm
showing the guns. you're a good sport for doing it but i got to be honest as i see all those guns i'm more convinced that they need to be banned. there is no legitimate reason to have those. that's my opinion. mel, i know you got a different one. but thank you for joining us. we really do appreciate it. >> we'll continue tomorrow night. >> cenk: sounds good. >> goodbye. >> cenk: okay, take care. when we come back, papa johns says oh, my god i'm going to make sure that my employees don't have health insurance obama-care blah-blah-blah. wait you get a load of this guy's house. >> answer season long papa johns has 2 million free pizza's for
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>> papa john's ceo saving on healthcare. >> no papa johns. not papa johns. rather the papa schmear. what's his problem. >> cenk: i'll tell what you his problem is. papa john schnatter, oh my god obama-care, it will add so much to my pizzas. he claims healthcare increases will cost him $5 million to $8 million per year. and it will increase cost of a pizza by $0.10 to $0.14.
10:50 pm
forbes did an analysis and said nonsense. it will increase .4% to .7%. that means an increase of $.04 a pizza. as many people are pointing out including jon stewart there is one other place he could find money. you have all seen this ad. >> what are we going to do to kick off this season. >> 1 million free pizza. >> 2 million pizzas, i like it. >> no, no, 1 million pizzas. >> 2 million free pizzas it is. wait until you see what is next. >> cenk: i don't know who i dislike more, not a payton manning fan. sorry to all the folks in indianapolis--denver--both. either way. oh, my god, how how much would he
10:51 pm
save? $24 million to $32 million. that's amazing. far left than the $5 million to $8 million that he says he's going to have problems with because of healthcare. look, i know it's a promotion but that's a lot more money. if you wanted to save money there are a hundred different ways to do it. you don't have to blame your employees or president obama. by the way he's pretty healthy as it is. according to forks his 2011 compensation for john schnatter was $2.7 million. according to them, the papa johns stock he holds is worth $297 million. here's my favorite part of the story. get allowed of his house. msnbc found a photo of his house. >> john schnatter lives in a four foot mansion with an it 22-car garage and this guy doesn't want to give pizza delivery employees health insurance.
10:52 pm
>> cenk: this dude has a moat on his house. you don't want to pay out $.04 per pizza? jesus christ. now we'll go to jacki schechner. >> it's acres of swimming pools. >> cenk: i'm being serious. he has a turntable of limousines like we had to a car elevator for mitt romney. >> his guesthouse is worth $7 million. >> cenk: that's insanity. but he doesn't have enough money for health insurance for his guys. >> no. >> cenk: let's talk about that because you're our healthcare expert. break this down for me. what is he talking about with regard to obama-care and does it have validity. >> the healthcare reform classify small business and large business. small business is fewer than 50 employees and no expectation when it comes to offering healthcare to your employees. small businesses want to do it, they can get a tax credit for it, but they're not required. there is no expectation. large business is 50 or more
10:53 pm
employees, and there's actually no requirement that they offer health insurance. however, if they don't offer it, and their employee goes out to buy it on their own in the exchange, and they get a subsidy to help them afford that insurance the company has to contribute. >> cenk: what is the reasoning. >> because taxpayers are paying for that health insurance. >> cenk: if you're not going to afternoon insurance and taxpayers are picking up the bill. >> you have to contribute. it's called share responsibility. when we as progressives were fighting for healthcare reform we would like to have a mandate. have employers have to provide it. but if you're going to shove somebody out and have them set up insurance on their own and thank goodness we set up these exchanges to make it more affordable, there will be taxpayer help with this. but if you don't want to provide affordable health insurance then you have to contribute because
10:54 pm
the rest of us are picking up the tab. >> cenk: this is who is not interested in shared responsibility, a guy with a moat. let's talk about if he did provide insurance on average how much is that per company. >> the kaiser family foundation does a survey every year, and for 2012 they found out an individual plan per person is $5,600 per year. >> cenk: it's $5,600. for a cop if they chip in $2,000 they're saving a lot of money. >> most companies in the united states large companies already offer health insurance because it's a really good way to get good employees and retain them. you want your workforce to be happy, well taken care of, to stake around. >> cenk: so what is interesting papa johns offers health insurance. what's the problem. >> the problem is it tends to be
10:55 pm
too expensive. when you talk about a corporation like papa johns. a third of their corporation has health insurance or takes it. what happens is people at the top can afford the plan because they make a lot of more money. but those in the stores, they can't afford to buy into it because there is a contribution. >> cenk: that's weird they didn't deliver for their employees who made less money. i didn't see that coming. thank you for your report:. when we come back, elbow of the you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say
10:56 pm
anything. what the hell were
10:57 pm
(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. v >> cenk: john core sign, a former senator from negligence lost $1.6 million. well the house financial services sub committee on oversight looked into it and said yes, of course it's your fault. they took corzine to the middle of the ring and oh no here comes capitol hill. what would really give an elbow
10:58 pm
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